GPS Tracking

Stay In the Know. Tracking Your Equipment's Every Move!

Master equipment management with our GPS Center. Monitor equipment and sites easily, customize GEO-Fencing for sites, allocate equipment, and track off-site use and deliveries. Stay informed about equipment location, usage, and security.

At the heart of our GPS Center lies our Sites.

These sites have a dual role: verifying contract authenticity and setting up GEO-Fenced zones for equipment tracking. Creating sites enables notifications for unauthorized equipment movement, ensuring security and contract compliance during tracking at storage facilities, maintenance centers, and construction sites.

Creating a GEO-Fence is easy: drop a pin on the map, adjust the radius, or outline the site with multiple pins. You can also create sites and storage areas for off-site equipment as needed.

Site Security. When creating a site, you can upload documents and developer details. Our system cross-analyzes them with external databases to validate site legitimacy, ensuring contract safety and security.

Equipment Authorisation

Equipment can have default or custom authorization states. For instance, a dump truck can be authorized for a 10-mile radius around a site or within city limits. This minimizes notifications to cases where equipment exceeds its designated boundaries, unlike an excavator, which can be restricted to the site, triggering notifications upon unauthorized exit.

Selecting a site reveals a list of associated contracts and equipment. Clicking on specific equipment provides a detailed view of its current and historical activity, rental information, and health score.

The equipment's status is indicated by a color-coded dot: green for in use, gray for off, and red for unsafe or outside authorized geo-fences. If it leaves the geo-fenced zone, you can track its path and initiate safety protocols. Explore our Theft-Mode feature for more details.

Our delivery tracker uses Google Maps for potential routes options and alerts you if the driver deviates by over 5 miles. It also utilizes GPS and GEO-Fencing to notify you when equipment arrives and if it's left at the wrong site.

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