Supercharge Your
Rental Business

Manage Unpredictability, Streamline Operations, and Secure Assets with Telematics Built for the Construction Equipment Rental Industry

Real-time equipment data
at your finger tips

A picture of Frenter's custom dashboard showing the utilization reports, forecasted maintenance, and real time location

Designed with input from Construction Equipment Rental Industry Experts

What Makes R.O.G.E.R. Different

Better Data.
Better Decisions.

Make your equipment work for you. Make data-driven decisions about your business with all the information at your fingertips.

  • Real-time data on utilization, vehicle status, and downtime
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Alerts and recommendations based on industry standards and trends
A picture of Frenter's mobile dashboard. The dashboard shows the equipment status, utilization rate, rental revenue, and notifications.
An rental equipment dashboard showing real time locations of equipment and equipment status.


Protect your people and your rental equipment with real-time monitoring.

  • Equipment monitoring and alerts to prevent equipment misuse
  • Remote start-stop capabilities
  • Customizable GPS tracking to prevent theft and undocumented rentals

Real-Time Alerts

Keep your team and customers up to date with automated triggers and notifications

  • Alerts on your equipment activity
  • Triggered notifications to customers and your team
  • Pre-Diagnosis on issues to reduce maintenance downtime and site visits
Iphone picture of Frenter's mobile real-time notifications as text messages.
A picture of Frenter's real-time notification through text form.

Real-time data customized to fit your business.

A picture of Frenter's real-time equipment status page. The picture shows the specific equipment piece, utilization report, and forecasted maintenance.
Real-time Equipment Status

Get a clear insight into your rental equipment in the field. Understand exactly how it is being used to make better decisions to optimize ROI.

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Know where your rental equipment is at all times

Gain real-time visibility, track asset locations, monitor usage patterns, and optimize deployment. Customizable geo-fencing to alert you when unauthorized movement occurs.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Capture all rental equipment data in one place. Leverage real-time information and smart recommendations to optimize your business.

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Keep your team and your customers up to date

Use real-time alerts and triggers to ensure your team and customers have all the information they need

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