Asset Manager

Manage all your
equipment in one place.

The Asset Manager panel acts as your equipment hub, granting access to your entire equipment list on our platform. Each equipment piece has its own profile, housing essential information such as Current & Historic Activity, Health Stats, Itinerary details, Analytics, and Maintenance History.

The Equipment List

Columns Quick Refrence

The asset lists are organized into four columns, each containing essential information: equipment ID, make/model details, live health score, and a status tag indicating what equipment is up to.

Status Tags

The Status column displays equipment activity, while the Alert Column shows Alert Status (e.g., Broken, Repair Needed, Being Repaired), and equipment rental status.

Search & Filter

At the bottom, you can access our primary categories, which affect the 'Status Bar' accordingly. In the 'Alerts' section, you can view the repair status; in the 'Equipment' section, you can check its rental status, and in 'Accessories,' you can see whether the accessories are in storage or in use.

The Equipment Profile screen provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment, organized into four sections: Overview, Health, Location, and Maintenance. The Overview section includes the last service date, real-time analytics in a widget bar, and a bi-weekly schedule view.

The Health screen offers access to OEM-level telematics data. You can choose the Health Overview for key highlights or explore detailed component breakdowns, like the Hydraulic System, with both current and historical data.

In the Location view, find real-time location preview, a widget bar with essential metrics (health, safety, time since last service), and access a detailed history of activity, location data, system codes, and user information.

Our Maintenance Center compiles all crucial equipment maintenance data, including history, error codes, and service reports, in one place for easy access. Simplify your maintenance workflow with effortless report downloads.

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