Designed for all your needs.

We have a deep appreciation of the industry and it's history. We work with industry experts to build the tools to set your business apart.

For Owners

Your bottom line is our top priority.

        Your business at a glance The information your need in an easy to use dashboard. Equipment health, business metrics, and real-time alerts all in one place.

        Data Driven Business Decisions Take the headache out of your numbers. Leverage equipment data to easily calculate key metrics such as depreciation, return on investment, and lifetime equipment costs.

        Data Driven Recommendations Intelligent recommendations based on your unique operation and equipment usage.

        Flexible No business is the same. Frenter can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

For Managers

Always stay in the know.

        GPS Tracking. Know where every asset is at a glance. Powered by both cellular and satellite data Frenter works on even the most remote jobsites

        Anti-theft. Geo-fenced jobsites, delivery route deviation and smart alerts to ensure your equipment is where it is meant to be. Take action in minutes if theft or misuse is suspected.

        Equipment Health. See the health of your fleet at a glance or get into the details of each piece of equipment. The information you need to maximize your operation is available.

        Operator tools. Equipment safety and security is a team effort. Equip your operators with the tools to ensure equipment and site safety is maintained.

For Maintenance

Shift from reactive repairs to proactive maintenance.

        Historical Records. Easily pull up repair records, service dates, and other useful information on maintenance activities in the past.

        Real-time usage data. Quickly see all gauges and alerts leading up to the breakdown. No more guess-work when it comes to diagnostics.

        Resources on hand Manufacturer documentation and guides for each piece of equipment readily available to your team.

        Shorter Site Visits. Show up to the jobsite with the information and parts you need to quickly repair equipment and have it back up and running in no time.

Get the most out of your Heavy Equipment

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