Frenter is designed to streamline your workflows from start to finish.

Quickly and easy get what you need when you need it with our optimized and customizable dashboard design to meet all your business needs.

See the full picture.

        Security. Equipment theft can bring a project to a halt. Stop theft before it happens and keep your equipment on the job site where it belongs.

        Safety. Keep your operation safe with real-time equipment health, operator pre-checks, and preventative maintenance.

        Optimization. Leverage equipment data to improve utilization and decrease downtime. Get the most out of your equipment investment.

        Logistic Manager. Track contract start and end dates. Use our Kanban view for quick contract stage checks and the full timeline to optimize equipment placement and movement.

        Theft Watch. Receive real-time alerts during theft and follow step-by-step guidance from alert to reporting. Our advanced GPS tracking supports authorities in equipment recovery.

         People. Good help is hard to come by. Frenter helps get more out of the resources you have. Letting you invest in your team and attract new talent.

Get the most out of your Heavy Equipment

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