Logistics Manager

Unlock the Full Potential of GPS Tracking in Your Logistics and Contract Managements

Our logistics managers harness the full capabilities of the Frenter platform to streamline your business and maximize efficiency. This includes automatic updates on equipment status, delivery needs, and real-time availability, all aimed at optimizing your booking process.

Our logistics manager offers two primary views Kanban & Calendrer.

The Kanban view tracks contract progress through the pipeline, aiding in monitoring equipment delays and completion.

The Calendar view efficiently manages contracts, site activity, equipment usage, and overlaps, facilitating improved equipment placement planning.

The Calendar view is divided into bi-weekly segments for easy navigation, displaying sites, associated contracts, and equipment. You can selectively hide or focus on any of these elements. Additionally, the side-list bar provides a convenient list of sites and contracts for specific focus on the calendar.

In the monthly view, you can visualize the timeline of contracts and sites over the weeks. Toggling between contracts and sites reveals their interactions over time. When you select a site, you can observe its equipment spread across the calendar view.

In the Kanban view, you can effortlessly drag contracts and sites, which automatically updates their status accordingly.

When you open a site or contract, you'll find a profile displaying equipment and a timeline bar at the bottom. This is where you can access all associated details, including permits, contracts, and more.

Get the most out of your Heavy Equipment

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