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You dig the dirt.

Leverage detailed equipment data to drive informed decisions  across your operation.

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Your equipment has a lot of data under the hood.

We turn that data into easy to digest information that helps you take action.

Equipment Analytics and Health shown over time on graphs and charts

Dig Deep Detailed data on each of your asset to easily see what activities are impacting your bottom line. Easily adapt dashboard to monitor industry regulations on idle time and emissions.

Analytics page showing equipment stats and health plus a geofenced map

Out of the spreadsheet and onto the site Equipment isn't managed in numbers and data. Access real-time data along side our other tools such as GPS and Maintenance. With clear insights into where your equipment is and what it is doing you can make impactful decisions fast.

Explore our integrated suite of tools.

Frenter covers your fleet across its lifetime.

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At the heart of our GPS Center lies our Sites.

Go beyond the data. Our Analytics work seamlessly with our GPS and Maintenance Tools. Connect historical with real-time data to automatically adjust your forecast and maintenance plans.

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