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All-in-One solution engineered for business growth.

Experience the power of a fully integrated platform designed to optimize, increase productivity, enhance safety & security.

Image of a GPS-enabled device displaying an activity log, real-time health statistics, and ongoing activity information.Widget bar displaying a selection of our analytics.Widget bar displaying a selection of our analytics.

Frenter is designed to streamline your workflows from start to finish.

Quickly and easy get what you need when you need it with our optimized and customizable dashboard design to meet all your business needs.

Screen shots of the frenter platform

Our 'at a glance' approach puts key information in focus.

Empower your decision making.

Analytics you understand.

Tailoring your data-viewing experience, the Widget Bar empowers you to personalize the information displayed on every page. This widget bar gives you access to display that data you deem most important.

Widgets built for every need.

With a library of over 80 widgets you can quickly and easily customize how you receive your data.

Meet your list view.

Our list view is stream lined to show you exactly what you need. You can see what is the equipment number, health score and activity status.

Our hardware works with all brands.

Plug and Play Hardware.

Its as easy as plugging the hardware in and turning the equipment on. We will handle the rest.

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frenter hardware photo of the telematics reader and GPS reader

Our hardware works with all brands.

John Deere
Why Frenter?

Our software works on all your devices.

        Frenter Platform. Access the full platform with all its features on your Desktop, Laptop or iPad.

        Mobile. On your mobile device you will get a streamlined experience for all your on the go needs.

Effortlessly accessible Frenter platform on various devices, including smartphones, computers, laptops, and iPads.

Get the most out of your Heavy Equipment

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