Bridging the Gap: Frenter and Boom & Bucket Announce Strategic Partnership to support heavy equipment lifecycle from daily operation to resale.


Frenter, an innovative provider of GPS, Maintenance and Analytic solutions for Heavy Equipment, and Boom and Bucket, a leading digital marketplace for Heavy Equipment, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This partnership will allow Heavy Equipment Owners to leverage data to get the most out of their assets from daily operations to resale.

This partnership combines Boom and Bucket’s expertise in used Heavy Equipment resale with Frenter’s detailed data collection and system of record. Frenter users can see real-time estimates of their equipment value, informing critical business decisions around utilization and fleet optimizations. If the decision is to sell, users can list equipment directly on Boom and Bucket in a few clicks on the Frenter platform. Boom and Bucket customers who purchase Frenter-enabled assets can access a detailed history of maintenance and usage data, providing buyers with an additional level of confidence.

Both Frenter and Boom and Bucket are excited to collaborate in this space and leverage their joint expertise to support Heavy Equipment owners throughout the lifecycle of their assets. This partnership will support the shortened average lifecycle of new equipment and set a new standard for the use of equipment data in the purchase and resale of Heavy Equipment.

"We have a vision of connecting the full ecosystem of Heavy Equipment. We’re very excited for what Boom and Bucket brings strategically as well as their shared vision for the future of equipment technology and what we can build together. This partnership will allow our customers to realize higher returns on their assets, unlocked through the tracking and improvements that come with Frenter. Giving them the opportunity to reinvest in their fleet, creating a flywheel effect for their business."

Zach Laberge, CEO & Founder - Frenter

“At Boom and Bucket, we recognize the indispensable value that comes from understanding the life story of heavy equipment. Our strategic partnership with Frenter marks a new era where data meets the marketplace, enhancing transparency and trust. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the industry by enabling owners to maximize their equipment’s value throughout its lifecycle, ensuring a smarter, more informed equipment economy. We are thrilled to join forces with Frenter, as we both aim to empower owners with knowledge and foresight, turning every decision into an opportunity for growth and efficiency.”

Adam Lawrence, CEO and Cofounder - Boom & Bucket

About Frenter

Founded in 2020 by Zach Laberge, Frenter is a Heavy Equipment Data Company dedicated to revolutionizing the management of heavy equipment through data integration. With a mission to connect equipment data with key company operations, Frenter offers an innovative suite of solutions, including GPS tracking, Geofencing, Maintenance tracking, and Analytics. These tools not only empower businesses to monitor and maintain their assets in real-time but also facilitate strategic decisions across the complete lifecycle of heavy equipment, from acquisition to strategic resale. Frenter is committed to enhancing operational efficiency and profitability for companies across industries utilizing heavy equipment. Embodying its vision to connect every aspect of heavy equipment management with cutting-edge technology.

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About Boom & Bucket

Boom and Bucket is on a mission to build the most trusted buying and selling experience for used equipment. Sellers enjoy effective, effortless sales backed by modern insights and world-class market data. Buyers get a unique blend of warranties, inspections, financing, and shipping that makes buying used equipment fast and reliable, all of which is backed by our 5-star customer service team. With a commitment to transparency, no hidden costs, and nationwide shipping within 7 days, Boom and Bucket is raising the bar for used equipment sales across the globe.

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