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  • We'll figure out what's missing.
  • Present a plan of action.
  • Deliver results in less than 90 days.

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Frenter's Approach to Solving Complex Data Challenges

Step 1: We Aggregate your Operations Data

Whether you have a complex data system in place, or are just getting started. We can integrate with your system and fill any gaps with our in-house development team.

Step 2: We Turn it into Data Intelligence

Collecting the data is just the start. We feed your data into Omen, our custom built AI algorithm. Omen finds trends in the data to forecast future insights.

Step 3: We Deliver Actionable Insights

We present our findings in a way that works for your team. That can be as simple as a scheduled email, or as custom as a dashboard.

We’ve tailored our platform for your Industry’s Demands with experts.

"We are frequently buying and selling assets. Being able to see real-time value along side our equipment data is invaluable. Especially when it comes to making strategic decisions about our fleet."

Kevin Fiset, Owner


"This collaboration will empower us to make data-driven decisions seamlessly, shifting from reactive repairs to proactive maintenance strategies."

Maranda Pillage, Owner

Mountain Side Sales & Rental