We've built the next generation of Data Intelligence for Construction Operations.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to gain real-time insights, optimize operations, and drive profitability.

Unlock the full potential of your construction equipment.

Existing methods for gathering, validating, and interpreting data are often inadequate, flawed, or outright failures. We have reimagined this process to ensure overall business efficiency.


Effortlessly unify data from multiple sources for a comprehensive view of your operations.


Leveraging our ecosystem and data knowledge, we turn your data into actionable insights.


Obtain insights quickly with our AI ChatBot—just ask, and it will find the answers within your data quickly.


Our system scales with your business, staying robust and efficient as you grow.

Integrate, not replace.

Frenter works within your existing workflow to offer unparalleled insights into your data, giving you the leverage you need to make clear business decisions. It’s as simple as connecting your existing systems within our digital integration center, and we’ll handle the rest.

The construction industry loses a staggering $1.8 trillion globally due to data oversight!¹

Their existing methods for gathering, validating, and interpreting insight from their  data in a timely manner was inadequate, flawed, or failed outrightly.

Total project saving potential
11.5 hr+
Per week wasted finding useful data
Of the data goes unused
Profit growth rate increase for data users

Transform your data into actionable insights.

Our platform revolutionizes data gathering, validation, and interpretation, ensuring timely efficient  decision making for business optimization and cost savings.

Upgrade to Frenter with your existing technology stack.

Frenter integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, extracting key data points and empowering your team to bridge gaps in their decision-making process.

We understand you technical problems.

From simple questions to complex technical issues, our AI copilot is not only trained on your comprehensive company data set, but also on data sets from OEM manufacturers and repair manuals.

It is as simple as asking a question.

Manipulate, control, and filter your data effortlessly with our AI chatbot. Whether you're a number cruncher or just need quick answers, our AI Chat System acts as your personal data analyst, enhancing strategic decision-making.

Custom Analytics & Insights

Want to measure productivity by the earth you move? Or is your focus on saving maintenance costs on equipment?

We build custom data outputs depending on what you want to measure and optimize as a company.

The beginning of your data-driven journey is just One-Click Away! ooo

Get the most out of your Heavy Equipment

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