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GPS Center on a laptop displaying a site's geo-fence alongside the site profile.

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Just because someone can drive a car it doesn't mean they can drive an excavator. Explore how we tackle the unique needs of the equipment rental industry.

Showcasing the list of site you have with a previews of each site on map view.

Site View you can access a list of all sites, each enclosed by its own geo-fence. Regular construction sites are marked in orange, roadwork sites in red, internal storage yards in dark green, and third-party mechanics and storage facilities in purple.

GPS Center showcasing the site view.

Site Profile When you zoom in on a site or click on it, you'll have real-time visibility of all equipment at the location. Additionally, you can preview the site's profile, view associated contracts, and the equipment linked to each contract.

Frenter GPS Center equipment list with one item selected, displaying a preview card above it with health status and current renter information.

Equipment List Access a comprehensive list of all equipment. Clicking on a specific item reveals a quick preview of its equipment profile, showcasing essential details like its location, rental date, current renter, live health score, status indicator (on/off), and an activity status tag that reflects its rental or maintenance status.

GPS Center displaying equipment delivery in real-time progress.

For Deliveries you can track equipment in transit, including those frequently leaving sites like dump trucks. This helps you monitor their location, usage, and potential destinations. We employ predictive routes to ensure equipment goes where it should. If not, you'll receive notifications to prevent theft or unauthorized use.

At the heart of our GPS Center lies our Sites.

These sites have a dual role: verifying contract authenticity and setting up GEO-Fenced zones for equipment tracking. Creating sites enables notifications for unauthorized equipment movement, ensuring security and contract compliance during tracking at storage facilities, maintenance centers, and construction sites.

Frenter's GPS Center on laptops, featuring equipment profile, geo-fence, and delivery view.

Clicking on specific equipment provides a detailed view of its current and historical activity and rental information
Equipment's status is indicated by a color-coded dot: green for in use, gray for off, and red for unsafe or outside authorized areas

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