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What's the point of rental software that doesn't streamline your business?

Quickly and easy get what you need when you need it with our optimized and customizable dashboard design to meet all your business needs.

Asset Manager equipment profile displayed within the overview dashboard.

Asset Manager serves as your central hub for all equipment profiles, neatly listed and easily accessible. Each profile is thoughtfully divided into three essential sections: Overview, Location, System Error, and Itinerary. In the Overview section, you'll discover service dates, real-time analytics, and schedules.

Asset Manager equipment profile displayed within the location tab showcasing the current location and activity log.

Location Panel The Location view displays real-time location data, including its current whereabouts, rental status, and a historical activity log that tracks power cycles, past locations, and more.

Asset Manager equipment profile displayed within the error code dashboard.

System Errors In the system error code list, you can view all codes sent from your asset, along with their descriptions, the health score at the time, and the date and time of occurrence.

Showcasing the list of site you have with a previews of each site on map view.

Site View you can access a list of all sites, each enclosed by its own geo-fence. Regular construction sites are marked in orange, roadwork sites in red, internal storage yards in dark green, and third-party mechanics and storage facilities in purple.

GPS Center showcasing the site view.

Site Profile When you zoom in on a site or click on it, you'll have real-time visibility of all equipment at the location. Additionally, you can preview the site's profile, view associated contracts, and the equipment linked to each contract.

Frenter GPS Center equipment list with one item selected, displaying a preview card above it with health status and current renter information.

Equipment List Access a comprehensive list of all equipment. Clicking on a specific item reveals a quick preview of its equipment profile, showcasing essential details like its location, rental date, current renter, live health score, status indicator (on/off), and an activity status tag that reflects its rental or maintenance status.

GPS Center displaying equipment delivery in real-time progress.

For Deliveries you can track equipment in transit, including those frequently leaving sites like dump trucks. This helps you monitor their location, usage, and potential destinations. We employ predictive routes to ensure equipment goes where it should. If not, you'll receive notifications to prevent theft or unauthorized use.

Logistics Manager animation showcasing how the list view works.

In the Logistics Manager, you have multiple views. The list view allows you to toggle between Contracts and Sites. For Contracts, view equipment associated with each contract and their linked sites. In the Site view, see cities associated with contracts and the related equipment. These lists provide essential information for each item.

Logistics Manager showcasing the Kanban view of how contract work.

Kanban View Easily track your open contracts and their current statuses. Contracts progress automatically through different stages, such as Pending for ongoing construction, Active for those in progress, Delayed for delayed contracts, and Complete for finished contracts awaiting archiving.

Logistics Manager showcasing how the calendar / timeline view works.

Calendar View Access a timeline of contracts and sites, with the flexibility to zoom in (up to a week) or out (up to 3 months) and scroll into the distant future. Essential site information is presented on the preview, and you can easily access detailed profiles.

Animated Contract Profile demonstrating the contrast in information between the list view of equipment on the contract.

Contract Profile View comprehensive contract details, including the partnering company, dates, associated sites, equipment, and other key information. You can also access actions like editing, closing, and more directly from the contract profile.

Site Profile view in logistics manager

Site Profile Access essential site information, including the partnering entity, operational hours, activity dates, geo-fence parameters, and associated contracts.

Our 'at a glance' approach puts key information in focus.

Empower your decision making.

Logistics Manager List View

In our logistics manager, our list view offers a convenient, at-a-glance overview of all your sites, contracts, and equipment. It provides you with a quick and easy way to track rentals, locations, and allocations in one comprehensive list.


Keep things consistent across your team with custom workflows for your most common tasks.

Status Tags

The Status Tags showcase a variety of things such as equipment Usage Status, Equipment Activity Status and contract status.

Tag Equipment Activity Status IdleTag Equipment Activity Status OffTag Equipment Activity Status In UseTag Equipment Status in StorageTag Equipment Status in RentedTag Equipment Status in TransitTag Equipment Status in Broken DownTag Equipment Status in ArmedTag Contract Status PendingTag Contract Status On TimeTag Contract Status On HoldTag Contract Status DelayedTag Contract Status Complete

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